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EAi has several alliances that are important to the product development service we provide.

Altera Consultants Alliance Program (ACAP)

ACAP partners are a carefully selected and trained group of service providers that provide expert design assistance to Altera programmable logic device (PLD) users. ACAP consultants provide a unique combination of segment knowledge and competence in Altera PLDs, which makes them effective at solving specific problems and meeting designers' time-to-market needs.

Texas Instruments DSP Third Party Program

Hundreds of independent companies and consultants provide products including development boards, operating systems, software algorithms, function libraries and system consulting services around the world. One exciting sign of TI's real-time advantage is the large and growing network of third-party systems developers who've chosen to build their businesses around TI DSPs.

Across the globe, more than one thousand third-party products support innovation based upon TI DSPs, and more are being developed every day. These third-party products offer a broad range of application software, development hardware and software, and consulting services - products and tools that help customers accelerate their development efforts and cut time-to-market.

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