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Eai can deliver entire projects or assist customers with:

  • System Concepts
  • Specifications
  • Algorithms
  • Hardware/Software Design
  • Prototypes
  • Checkout
  • We prefer to produce the system documentation first, before any design begins. This priority simplifies the design phase and ensures that the designers and end user remain in sync.

    The following areas are representative of projects at Eai.

  • Data Acquisition
    Remote analog/digital data gathering systems such as Seismic Recording Systems and Downhole Microprocessor Systems.

  • Bus Interfaces
    We connect equipment to most of the popular buses and have several "Standard Designs" for the VME, ISA and PCI buses that can be quickly customized to fit new applications.

  • Graphics
    We build Raster Compression Hardware using techniques such as Quad Tree, CCITT, RLE, Transition and design hardware for real time image manipulation. We also design optical scanning and image recognition systems.

  • Processors
    We build microprocessor systems using a range of chips from the DEC Alpha and TI DSPs down to small 8 bit micros and PIC chips. We also build FFT hardware, data formatters and math boxes. We provide driver, application and test software for our designs.

    Eberwein & Associates, Inc.
    Houston, Texas

    OFFICE: 713-995-5393
    E-MAIL: info@eaiwebsite.com