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Val Eberwein and Associates, Inc (EAi) was founded in 1971 by Val Eberwein, PE to develop electronic products. Eight bit microprocessors were in their infancy and engineers were attempting to put them everywhere. TTL was fast becoming the most popular logic family as new types were developed. EAi was busy building seismic data acquisition and processing systems and interfaces to the popular DEC and Perkin- Elmer mainframes.

The 80's brought the introduction of PCs and lots of ISA interfaces as machine speeds increased. Motorola 68K was the main processor family selected for stand alone systems and embedded controllers. PALs allowed "high density" logic implementations. EAi was designing PC based raster equipment such as digital cameras and 64 inch wide scanners. We also developed monochrome data compression algorithms and hardware to achieve up to 100:1 compression of engineering drawings.

The 90s brought us the Internet and alliances. PCs proceeded to push mainframes and workstations out. TI DSPs monopolized much of the embedded market and PIC chips took over the low end. EAi formed alliances with TI and Altera to assist their customers with training and new designs. Systems got much smaller with the introduction of large FPGAs.

In the new millennium speed is definitely the name of the game with serial communications exceeding 1 GHZ. The "system on a chip" concept becomes a reality as processors add built in FPGA and FPGAs add built in processors. Most electronic gadgets go wireless. EAi builds many PCI products and microprocessor systems for industries such as medical, computing and seismic. Many of our customers are not local and the Internet serves as a valuable tool for getting the job done.

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