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General Purpose PCI interface:

[IMAGE] This board has an Altera FPGA that contains the PCI interface as well as the customer application. It uses a high density IO connector and Bi-directional, differential driver- receiver chips to connect to external equipment. There is a connector for logic analyzer monitoring of internal FPGA signals and space for Flash or SRAM chips if required. The board is usually configured for 5 volt, 33 MHz PCI using IO or DMA data transfers. A 3.3 volt, 64 bit, 66MHz variation is available. Most of the PCI boards we design use this basic configuration with additions of our standard memory, A/D and D/A building blocks. Driver and test software is always provided and application software is available upon request.

General purpose FPGA boards:

EAi has several General purpose FPGA boards that we use to build prototypes, one of a kind gadgets and specialized test equipment for our customers.

The first board shown is a general purpose wire-wrap board with an 84 pin FPGA socket and a large area for discrete IC sockets. The power connector mates with standard triple voltage wall transformer power supplies. Configurations with larger FPGA types are available.
Another board is used for serial data applications such as pattern generator, serial comm line snoop and protocol checker or conversion and device boot-up. There is a socket for EEPROM or RAM depending on data requirements.

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